Bringing The Heat

Bubba's Grill & Catering's signature rub and hot grill bring out the unique flavors in every piece of meat we cook. Starting with Select IBP beef and the freshest Louisiana Seafood we can find. Our steaks & seafood are seasoned with our signature rub and grilled to perfection and placed with the finest side dishes. All meats and seafood are grilled to your desire as requested. 

Steaks & Seafood 
Seasoned with our signature rub and grilled over a hot grill; cooked to perfection.

Bubba's Grill & Catering was started by Bubba & Theresa Kennedy in 1998. In search of the best steak, Bubba decided to create his own steak rub and perfected a blend of ground beef to create an amazing burger now known as the Bubba Burger. Theresa added the idea of always having the freshest cut fixings to complete the unique taste that has come to set apart the Bubba's Grill. Bubba & Theresa are self taught Chef's and work great together to make two great team leaders. For the rest of our dedicated staff, EJ, Brian, Rebecca, Josh, Shirley  & Kaylyn, are trained to up hold our fine quality that you come to expect.

Our Team

Our Grill


For those of you looking for something a bit more healthy, try our salads.


Lightly seasoned, this combination of ground meat is tasty and juicy.


We offer a variety of fountain drinks and in the bottle or an ice cold glass of fresh brewed tea.

Our Specialties